Singing bowls serves different kinds of purposes, it could involve  meditation, healing, relaxation or if you just want to feel enjoyment in playing them since they can be consider as a musical instrument. If you are able to play the singing bowl appropriately it can produce vibrations in the air which will create varied range of sounds that can make you feel good. However, there are some things that you must bear in mind in order to become professional in playing it.

Tips In Holding the Singing Bowl

The very first thing that you should consider, is how to hold the singing bowl appropriately, oftentimes you can hold it through your palms.  As much as possible you fingers must be leveled in terms of holding it, do not make unnecessary curls in your fingers and make sure you're comfortable in holding it. There are some positions when it comes to playing it, you can level it your chest part, on the abdominal area and even place it in your lap however you must remember that those mentioned earlier are just the most widely used positions. In addition, if you are not capable of holding a singing bowl for a very long period of time due to its weight then you can simply put it on top of a hard surface like a table or the floor but be sure to put a cloth before placing it on the surface. Check out this website if you want to purchase singing bowl.

There are also several methods you can employ when it comes to playing the singing bowl

The most prevalent way of making sounds through the singing bowl is by hitting it.


If you are going to play it by striking the singing bowl, you must use a mallet which is padded before you strike the brim of the bowl. After making your first strike, you will observe that the sound will somehow reverberate for quite some time. If you want to create a pleasant tone then you must strike the brim rather the sides of it because by striking the sides it will produce a cluttered sound that is unpleasant to hear. The following instructions or guidelines are all you need in order play a singing bowl like a professional, all you need is a little bit of practice and everything will work naturally. In addition, you must also have the materials need in playing the instrument like the mallet and the singing bowl itself. Visit if you have questions.